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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media marketing for lawyers isn’t nearly as “simple” as some people think. It’s a crucial practice within any business, particularly if the majority of your marketing efforts are online. Vine is a prime example of how these sites rise and fall from grace, making strategies learned for certain platforms all but useless. How can you master this form of marketing with how quickly it all changes?

What You’re Missing in Your Social Media Marketing

It’s likely that, whatever your social media marketing strategy was a few years or even one year ago, it’s different now. “Social media has come a long way… as have the strategies, tactics, methods, and power associated with social media.” As a result, you need to be able to craft a strategy that is adaptable, that can change as social media itself changes…which can happen at any given moment.

It’s made even more challenging by being such a generally huge field, one that is filled with websites and apps and strategies: this can make it all the more difficult to begin formulating a plan. More companies than you might guess have trouble gaining positive results via their social media marketing efforts, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re struggling. There’s always time to readjust and reformulate your direction!

One crucial tip: “Only post social media content that connects with your target audience.” That is, don’t post anything that could be viewed as irrelevant to your viewers. If your next question is “well, how do I know what they want,” then that is your more pressing issue. Finding what your target audience wants and expects from your content is perhaps the most important first step in the process, so make that one of the earliest steps in forming your social strategy.

The Day and Time of Success

Another potential issue with your strategy is that you sound “too salesy” to your audience. If every post sounds as if you want to sell them something (whether or not this is true), then it can be off-putting. Your followers want to think you care about them beyond their making a purchase and value-free (or seemingly free) content. It’s said that promotion should only be about 10% of your overall strategy, so cut back when you have the urge to push a sale.

Let’s change gears. If you’ve been working on a particular social media marketing tactic for a month or two and haven\’t seen results, don’t deviate! Part of what destroys a potentially great campaign is a lack of consistency. Space out your content, plan for the long term and don’t abandon it if you aren’t immediately seeing results. No one reaches their target goals that quickly, and accepting this is the easiest way to calm down and focus on the road ahead.

Finally, something you may have heard before but not yet heeded is the importance of posting (or scheduling) your content at particular times. It matters a great deal at which times and on which days you send those posts out. Depending on which platforms you utilize for your business, do some research into the best posting practices to incorporate within your strategy. Each will be a little different depending on the site’s users’ habits, so don’t expect to get one window of time that you can apply across the board. Understanding that each audience behaves differently is just a part of the effort.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

To learn more about shaping your brand\’s social media strategy and to improve a plan that is stagnating, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.

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