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Email Marketing for Lawyers

“Reading email has been the #1 activity on smartphones for a long time, and the growing adoption of responsive email design is boosting smartphone conversion rates to make the most of this opportunity.” Think about it: how many people check their email before they even get out of bed in the morning? How many of those emails are from companies touting their latest sale, their newest product, or the best price on a vacation getaway? Grabbing the attention of your target audience via email campaigns is by far one of the most successful and affordable marketing efforts. By implementing email marketing campaigns, you’ll stay in front of your target audience and begin to see conversions and a boost to your web traffic and purchases in no time. In particular, email marketing for lawyers can be a great way to reach your customers.

Email Marketing is the #1 Digital Marketing Channel

While a lot of the focus on today’s marketing efforts is on social media, email marketing is sometimes overlooked, but it still has the highest engagement and conversion rates over any other form of digital online marketing. Email marketing for lawyers is a great option because, in addition to the in-depth measurable conversion rates, email marketing gives your audience something that they want: the feeling that they are “in the know.” When you sign up for a company’s email newsletter, you know that you’ll be the first to hear about sales, deals, new happenings, and more. While social media marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy, email marketing is more effective. In fact, “email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.”

Email Has an Average ROI of $38 for Each $1 Spent

When diving into a marketing strategy, it can be hard to decide upon the right marketing mix for your brand. Where should you focus your efforts? Which platform is the most cost-effective and will acquire the best return on investment (ROI)? In comparison to TV, radio, social, and display, email is the channel generating the highest ROI. Even with the development of new technology, email marketing has been shown to generate the highest ROI for years and years in a row. To put it simply, you get more bang for your buck when you utilize email marketing.

Where does your company stand when it comes to email marketing? Do you have a strong strategy that converts customers to loyal fans? Could you use some help designing eye-catching email campaigns? Whatever your most recent efforts have been, let us create a strong email marketing strategy for your business. Get in touch with Eyler Creative today to start boosting your web traffic and grabbing the attention of your target audience!

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