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Content Marketing for Lawyers

Content Marketing for lawyers can be a tricky business. You want to post often, but not too often. You want to share your content across multiple platforms, but not all in the same format, and not completely re-worked, either. How, then, can you produce high-quality content and re-purpose it in the most effective way?

What is Your Audience Looking for?

It can be difficult to know how many posts you should produce. Many businesses will try to put out as much content as possible, but that isn’t a great strategy if your content’s quality is suffering as a result. “Work smarter, not harder.” You can, in most cases, re-purpose content that you’ve previously created in order to be active on your media channels without having to force yourself to write when the inspiration isn’t flowing.

To begin with, see if you can determine what your most popular posts of the past have been. This is a good clue toward what your audience is looking for from you, and certainly as to what they enjoy. If a certain post received a lot of Likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, or shares on any platform, then that engagement is a good sign. Don’t forget that websites like Buzzsumo can analyze your content for you for an easier report!

What is the point of sharing your content on social media? Without knowing this, you’re missing a key piece of the foundation of content marketing. “Social media is the number one way for publishers to drive traffic to their blog posts,” which means traffic to your site. If you’re simply adding blogs to your site but not promoting them elsewhere, you’re missing out on a huge source of traffic on the website.

The Components of Successful Content Marketing for Lawyers

Have you ever heard of “evergreen content?” This is content of a broad topic that has more longevity than some other posts. For example, we often write about website design trends of the upcoming year, but once that year has passed (and often sooner), the trends are no longer relevant. However, if you write instead about the basics of SEO, then that content will be fresh for a longer period of time.

Speaking of trends…think about utilizing your content in podcast format. This certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re doing a lot of content marketing and writing, then this should at least be a consideration. It’s true that this may be a strange new world for you and your business, but podcasts are more popular now than ever. Many listen to them on the go, which is a big part of most people’s lives. You can take a tone as light or funny or serious as you want, so long as it represents your brand well and conveys your intended message.

Finally – and this may be the most important tip – you need to write well. Not everyone is born a strong writer, but in this day and age, there are dozens of resources (on and offline) to better your writing. Content marketing requires good content, so either commit to putting a good amount of time and energy into your posts or assign this task to someone on your team who you know is a good writer. You’ll be able to see the difference between high and low-quality posts before long.

Content Marketing for Lawyers

If you need some tips to help your site or image optimization, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to make sure that your desktop site is mobile-friendly, to help you to design and develop a new website, and, if desired, develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.

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